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World War I, 1914-1920
Guide: The Processes of Peace

How effective was America in negotiating a peace to end World War I? Use these resources to analyze U.S. efforts to end World War I. Use the Export to My Lists button above to turn this into a research list for your students.

Time Period Key Understandings

  • Labor unions developed as social and political movements
  • Rural and urban areas have distinct needs that shape political and economic concerns
  • Racial and ethnic groups have fought to obtain civil rights and liberties
  • Government accountability relies on a politically engaged populace
  • Society's idea of morality changes over time
  • A balance between public safety and economic growth is desirable
  • A nation's diplomatic powers rest in its ability to have a foreign presence
  • There are multiple factors that a nation must consider when deciding to go to war
  • The U.S. has gone through periods where it feels it is in its best interest to remain detached from certain global events
  • Negotiating a peace involves compromises and consensus and can extend well beyond the end of hostilities

Key Questions

  • What were Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points? Summarize the key points.
  • Evaluate Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points. What are the pros and cons of his plan?
  • What reasons did Henry Cabot Lodge and others who opposed the Treaty of Versailles have for their opposition?


  1. Overview: The Processes of Peace
  2. Visuals: The Processes of Peace (Visual)
  3. Outline: Outline
  4. Lesson: Introduction
  5. Photos & Illustrations: Paris Peace Conference
  6. Reference Articles: Dawes Plan
  7. Reference Articles: League of Nations
  8. Reference Articles: Young Plan
  9. Political, Government & Court Documents: Treaty of Versailles (1919)
  10. Speeches: Lodge, Henry Cabot: Opposition to the Treaty of Versailles speech (1919)
  11. Speeches: Wilson, Woodrow: Fourteen Points speech (1918)
  12. Speeches: Wilson, Woodrow: League of Nations speech (1919)

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