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The Conservative Tide, 1980-1992
Guide: The War in the Gulf

These resources provide insight into U.S. foreign policy in the Persian Gulf War of 1990-1991. Use these resources to help students identify the causes that led to the Iraq invasion, as well as the effects of U.S. involvement in Iraq. Use the Export to My Lists button above to turn this into a research list for your students.

Time Period Key Understandings

  • Historical events can shape political institutions
  • Legislative policy changes are often a result of events that led to demands for change
  • A nation's economic policy is tied closely to its foreign policy
  • Popular sentiments often change from left to right and can be represented on a pendulum
  • Conflicts resolution is not always intentional, conflicts can resolve naturally and over time
  • A nation's foreign policy actions have legacies that impact future foreign policy
  • A democratic nation's social and cultural norms and practices are likely to change

Key Questions

  • What were Saddam Hussein's goals as Iraq's leader? What actions did he take to achieve his goals? How successful was Hussein in achieving his goals?
  • What action did Hussein take towards Kuwait? How did the international community respond to these actions?
  • What were Operation Desert Storm and Operation Desert Sabre?
  • Some people argue that Hussein should have been taken out during the Iraq War. Do you agree or disagree with President Bush's decision to not increase U.S. involvement in the conflict by taking out Hussein?
  • How did the Gulf War affect soldiers?


  1. Overview: The War in the Gulf
  2. Visuals: The War in the Gulf (Visual)
  3. Outline: Outline
  4. Lesson: Introduction
  5. Photos & Illustrations: Afghan man walks past abandoned Soviet military vehicles
  6. Photos & Illustrations: Bush, George: with troops during Persian Gulf War
  7. Photos & Illustrations: Operation Desert Shield: coalition aircraft
  8. Photos & Illustrations: Persian Gulf War: chemical and biological warfare gear
  9. Photos & Illustrations: Persian Gulf War: Operation Desert Storm
  10. Facts & Figures: Persian Gulf War: Number and Service of U.S. Aircraft Losses
  11. Facts & Figures: Persian Gulf War: U.S. Casualties
  12. Reference Articles: Gulf War Syndrome
  13. Reference Articles: Iran-Iraq War
  14. Reference Articles: Persian Gulf War
  15. Speeches: Bush, George: Inaugural Address (1989)
  16. Quotes: Bush, George: quote on the Persian Gulf War
  17. Maps: Persian Gulf War: Troop Dispositions
  18. Audio: Bush, George: announcement of the bombing of Iraq

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