With the help of our 16 award-winning databases and full slate of curriculum guides, students strengthen vital foundation and critical thinking skills that help them to understand events of the past, engage with issues in the present, and ultimately become intellectually confident learners.
Credible & Vetted
For more than 60 years, ABC-CLIO has been committed to ensuring that students learn both the content and skills needed for a deeper learning experience. With ABC-CLIO databases, you can trust that your students are researching in a vetted, always-current environment with resources that help build core subject knowledge, foster analysis of key debates, and support deeper investigation.
Classroom Integration
Student achievement starts with you. That’s why we’ve got your professional needs covered with complete classroom integration support on History Hub. Customizable and on-demand. Because we’re your partner in student achievement.
Pricing Starts at $419!
ABC-CLIO database pricing is tiered, based on institution FTE, and starts at $419 per database for single site purchases. Ask about discounts on bundles and discounts for district-wide purchase. ABC-CLIO databases are also available for purchase through EBSCO, Mackin, and Follett.
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To discuss subscription options, contact Customer Service at 800-368-6868 or suborder@abc-clio.com