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Spies, Aliens, and Monsters: Fears of the Cold War
Educator Overview

ABC-CLIO Database: Pop Culture Universe
Time Period: 1950s: Cold War and Conformity
Topic: The 1950s
Skill: Summarize
Process: Collect and Organize Information

Inquiry Question: How did tensions from the Cold War influence American popular culture and daily life?

Objectives: Students will use examples from the provided readings to summarize the influence of the Cold War and fears of nuclear destruction on popular culture and daily life of the time.

What students will discover in the sources: The reference entry "The Cold War at Home" provides background for the fear of communism in America and covers the definition of the Cold War and its impact on popular culture and events unfolding in the 1950s and early 1960s. The scholar commentary on films during the Cold War discusses the theme of communism infiltration and espionage in American films during the 1950s. The comic book cover of This Tomorrow reflects the burgeoning fears of a communist takeover by the Soviet Union. The essays on science fiction and its role during the Cold War era examines the science fiction film genre and its impact on popular culture during the 1950s. The excerpt from the 1951 educational film on nuclear disaster preparedness shows how fears of nuclear war spilled into all areas of American society. Together, these resources will help students illustrate how Cold War tensions and fear of nuclear war were reflected in American popular culture and daily life.
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