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Who Rules the Government?
Educator Overview

ABC-CLIO Database: American Government
Time Period: Foundations of American Government
Topic: Types of Government
Skill: Define
Process: Define and Illustrate an Idea

Inquiry Question: What are the primary types of government, and what are some of their distinguishing characteristics and features?

Objectives: Students will use the provided resources to define the primary types of government, illustrating their definitions through examples of each government's distinguishing characteristics.

What students will discover in the sources: The reference entry "Types of Government" provides an overview of the different forms of government, explaining who holds power in each system. The video "Rule by One" discusses different types of one-person rule—including monarchy, dictatorship, and tyranny—with examples from history. The video "Rule by a Few" describes types of rule by a few—including aristocracy, oligarchy, and plutocracy—and provides examples. The reference entry "Democracy" defines that type of government and discusses different kinds of democracies—direct and representative—with examples from ancient Greece, ancient Rome, and the United States. Together, the sources will help students understand the different major types of government as well as their distinctive elements.
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