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I'll Be Seeing You: Life on the Homefront in WWII
Educator Overview

ABC-CLIO Database: American History
Time Period: World War II and the Cold War Era, 1939-1960
Topic: The War at Home
Skill: Describe
Process: Define and Illustrate an Idea

Inquiry Question: How did World War II impact Americans on the homefront?

Objectives: Students will use articles on life on the U.S. homefront and posters of the time to describe and illustrate what Americans were asked to do at home to support the war effort.

What students will discover in the sources: The reference entry "Rationing during World War II" discusses the rationale for wartime rationing, noting how rationing impacted daily life and was based on the use of rationing coupons for such items as food and gasoline. The World War II poster titled "'When You Ride ALONE You Ride with Hitler!' rationing poster (1943)" demonstrates the link between rationing and its relationship to World War II efforts. The reference entry "War Bond Drives during World War II" explains the important contribution made to the funding of the war in the purchase of war savings bonds. The image titled "Poster for U.S. war stamps and bonds (1942)" provides insight into the ways that American families united behind the war with the purchase of war bonds and stamps. The reference entry "Working Women during World War II" examines the critical contribution made by women in defense industries during World War II. It also discusses the relationship between propaganda and efforts to encourage women to secure wartime jobs at home. Finally, the poster titled "Women in the War: We Can't Win Without Them" provides an example of the kind of wartime posters used to encourage women to enter defense jobs. Together, these sources will help students understand the various ways in which life on the homefront changed during World War II.
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