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False Friends: How the Dawes Act Deceived Native Americans

The Allotment Act of 1887 (known as the Dawes Act) had a significant impact on Native Americans. Define the Dawes Act, and describe its impact on native populations.

Clarifying Questions

  • What was the Dawes Act?
  • When was the Dawes Act passed?
  • What were the provisions of the Dawes Act?


  • allotment
  • assimilation
  • Dawes Act
  • Indian Territory

MLA Citation

"False Friends: How the Dawes Act Deceived Native Americans." History Hub, ABC-CLIO, 2019, historyhub.abc-clio.com/Support/Display/2230734?cid=272. Accessed 14 Nov. 2019.

Entry ID: 2230734

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