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ABC-CLIO Honors Native American Heritage Month: The American Indian Experience

The American Indian Experience: The American Mosaic

The American Indian Experience database gives you curriculum and references to not only teach the honest history of the Native American people, but help inspire a new appreciation of their rich culture, enduring hardships, and vast contributions to the U.S. itself.

Click here to activate your free preview, and give your students an award-winning education on the American Indian Experience.


  • Hundreds of primary source documents and media, including traditional stories, treaties, speeches, a wealth of maps, thousands of images, and videos
  • Guided inquiry into both historical and contemporary dilemmas ranging from the assimilation of Native Americans in early boarding schools to the problematic use of Native-themed mascots in current sports
  • A CLIOview tool students can use to understand the demographics of the American Indian population, including individual tribe populations, education levels, and more
  • Scholarly commentary examining issues such as the effects of the Indian Child Welfare Act and violence experienced by Native American women

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