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Upcoming Webinar
ABC-CLIO "Solutions in a Snap!" Webinar Series

Presenter: Chris Bashforth
Date: 07/11
Time: 3:00 PM PST


As part of our commitment to assist teachers and students in getting the most out of their Solutions databases, ABC-CLIO is offering a "Back to School Orientation" free webinar series, ABC-CLIO Solutions in a Snap! This series will offer handy tips and best practices for maximizing the use of your Solutions products as well as an introduction to History Hub, our innovative professional learning and educator site.

These live webinars are hosted four times a month and are a perfect way for new users to become familiar with the rich content and analytical modules within the databases. For longtime subscribers, the webinars are great as a refresher, too!

Each webinar reviews:

  • Site navigation and functionality
  • Tools for differentiated learning
  • Content and topic coverage across all 16 databases
  • Support & integration site, History Hub

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