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Joshunda Sanders Authors New York Times Book Review for National Book Award-Winning Author

Joshunda Sanders, guest commentator for ABC-CLIO's The African American Experience database, has been published by The New York Times for her book review of With The Fire on High, by Elizabeth Acevedo. Acevedo won the National Book Award for her acclaimed 2018 novel, The Poet X. You can read Sanders's full review of Acevedo's newest book here with a New York Times subscription. You can also visit Sanders's website for an excerpt.

Joshunda Sanders is the author of four books, including How Racism and Sexism Killed Traditional Media: Why the Future of Journalism Depends on Women and People of Color (Praeger, 2015). She has been a writing resident at Hedgebrook and VONA and was selected as a teaching artist for Young Women Empowered in collaboration with Hedgebrook. She has presented and lectured on college campuses across the country including at Old Dominion University, Princeton, Bard, Iona, and Pittsburg State University. Her work has appeared in the Bellevue Literary Review, Salon, Publishers Weekly, The Week, Kirkus Reviews, and many other outlets. She is a proud Bronx native who lives in New York City.

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