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"Inspirational and Relevant": News Literacy from Luhtala and Whiting Praised by AASL Blog!

News Literacy: The Keys to Combating Fake News (Libraries Unlimited, 2018)

Teaching media literacy to students is an ongoing challenge. But ABC-CLIO has resources to help! The AASL Knowledge Quest blog recently joined a chorus of praise for News Literacy: The Keys to Combating Fake News, by Libraries Unlimited authors Michelle Luhtala and Jacquelyn Whiting. This book provides critical tips and lessons to help students navigate misinformation in the modern media landscape, and aims to cultivate critical thinkers in both the classroom and library. Maureen Schlosser, contributor to the blog concurs:

This book is an essential resource for the entire learning community. The authors are brilliant school librarians. Their ideas and practices are inspirational and relevant. With this resource, you will find:

  • an introduction to news literacy
  • the history behind fake news
  • 26 relevant lessons
  • scaffolded templates

Read the full Knowledge Quest piece here, and pick up your copy of News Literacy: The Keys to Combating Fake News at abc-clio.com.

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