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Story Guides
The Clinton Years

These resources highlight the events and policies during President Bill Clinton's tenure. Use these resource to support your students' research into Clinton's time in office. Use the Export to My Lists button above to turn this into a research list for your students.

  • What were President Bill Clinton's early economic policy plans? How successful was the economy under Clinton? Do you think his success was a result of his policies?
  • What was Clinton's healthcare plan? What challenges did he encounter to his plans?
  • What was Newt Gingrich's Contract with America? How successful was he in creating public support for his plan and opposition to Clinton's policies?
  • Describe the events in the Balkans in the mid 1990s. How did Clinton and the international community respond to these events?
  • How did Clinton's policies and political leanings change upon his reelection?


  1. Overview: The Clinton Years
  2. Topic Center Overview: The Close of the 20th Century, 1992–2000
  3. Outline: Outline
  4. Lesson: Introduction
  5. Photos & Illustrations: Clinton, Bill: signs the NAFTA Agreement
  6. Photos & Illustrations: Gingrich, Newt: speaks at Contract with America rally
  7. Photos & Illustrations: Oklahoma City bombing disaster
  8. Photos & Illustrations: U.S. Intervention in Somalia, 1991-1994
  9. Reference Articles: Election of 1992
  10. Reference Articles: election of 1996
  11. Reference Articles: Oklahoma City bombing
  12. Reference Articles: Reform Party
  13. Reference Articles: Somalia, U.S. intervention in
  14. Reference Articles: U.S. Embassy bombings
  15. Political, Government & Court Documents: Affirmative Action Report (1995)
  16. Political, Government & Court Documents: Contract with America (1994)
  17. Political, Government & Court Documents: Dayton Agreement (1995)
  18. Political, Government & Court Documents: North American Free Trade Agreement: Preamble and Objectives (1993)
  19. Political, Government & Court Documents: Reform Party: Founding Principles (1997)
  20. Maps: Election map 1992
  21. Maps: Election map 1996

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