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America Goes to War

These resources explain why the United States abandoned its policy of neutrality toward World War I. Use these resources to support your students' understanding of why neutrality was abandoned and how the war impacted Americans at home and abroad. Use the Export to My Lists button above to turn this into a research list for your students.

  • What events or factors led to the U.S. decision to abandon its policy of neutrality and enter the war on the side of the Allies?
  • What challenges did the U.S. government face when preparing to enter World War I?
  • What types of sacrifices did Americans at home make to support the military effort abroad?


  1. Overview: America Goes to War
  2. Visuals: America Goes to War (Visual)
  3. Outline: Outline
  4. Lesson: Introduction
  5. Photos & Illustrations: Zimmermann Telegram: newspaper story
  6. Reference Articles: Committee on Public Information
  7. Reference Articles: Harlem Hellfighters
  8. Reference Articles: Selective Service Act
  9. Reference Articles: World War I
  10. Political Cartoons, Posters & Document Images: World War I poster encouraging women to work
  11. Political Cartoons, Posters & Document Images: World War I poster: "Defeat the Kaiser and his U-Boats"
  12. Political Cartoons, Posters & Document Images: World War I: "Sleeves up" for patriotism poster
  13. Political, Government & Court Documents: Wilson, Woodrow: Call for War against Germany (1917), excerpt

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