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Story Guides
Tea Party

These resources provide insight into the factors that led to the Tea Party movement. Use these resources to support your students' evaluation of the Tea Party. Use the Export to My Lists button above to turn this into a research list for your students.

  • What is a grassroots movement? Is the Tea Party a grassroots movement? Why or why not?.
  • How is the Tea Party different than a political party? What strategy has the Tea Party used in getting people elected?
  • What role did the so-called "birther" movement play in the Tea Party movement?
  • What are some of the primary complaints and criticisms lodged against the Tea Party? To what extent are these criticisms warranted? Provide evidence to support your answer.


  1. Overview: The Tea Party
  2. Outline: Outline
  3. Lesson: Introduction
  4. Glossary Terms: fiscal conservatism
  5. Glossary Terms: social conservatism
  6. Photos & Illustrations: Bachmann, Michele at Tea Party rally
  7. Photos & Illustrations: Boehner, John: presentation on "fiscal cliff"
  8. Photos & Illustrations: Paul, Rand
  9. Reference Articles: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
  10. Reference Articles: Occupy Wall Street movement
  11. Reference Articles: Tea Party movement

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