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Story Guides
September 11, 2001

These resources explain the causes, events, and aftermath of September 11, 2001. Use these resources to support your students' research of 9/11. Use the Export to My Lists button above to turn this into a research list for your students.

  • How did the U.S. originally respond to state-based terrorism? What challenges combating terrorism did the U.S. encounter as terrorism shifted away from state sponsorship?
  • Who was Osama Bin Laden? What events provoked Osama Bin Laden's hostility towards the United States?
  • What was President George W. Bush's "War on Terror?" What actions did the United States take in the War on Terror? Was the War on Terror successful in eliminating terrorism?
  • What lessons do you think the United States learned from the September 11 attacks? Do you feel confident in the ability of the United States to prevent another large scale terrorist attack on domestic soil? Explain.


  1. Overview: September 11, 2001
  2. Outline: Outline
  3. Lesson: Introduction
  4. Key Question: Gathering Information
  5. Photos & Illustrations: Bush, George W.: grieves with officers' families
  6. Photos & Illustrations: Bush, George W.: signs USA Patriot Act (2001)
  7. Photos & Illustrations: Man reads newspaper on September 11, 2001
  8. Photos & Illustrations: September 11 commemoration
  9. Photos & Illustrations: September 11 memorial
  10. Photos & Illustrations: September 11, 2001: World Trade Center burns
  11. Photos & Illustrations: World Trade Center rubble
  12. Photos & Illustrations: World Trade Center: Bush tours attack site
  13. Reference Articles: Anti-Americanism
  14. Reference Articles: creation of the U.S. empire
  15. Reference Articles: Department of Homeland Security
  16. Reference Articles: Enduring Freedom, Operation
  17. Reference Articles: Family Assistance Center
  18. Reference Articles: National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States
  19. Reference Articles: September 11 attacks
  20. Reference Articles: World Trade Center Towers
  21. Political, Government & Court Documents: 9/11 Commission Report, The: Executive Summary (2004)
  22. Political, Government & Court Documents: USA Patriot Act (2001)
  23. Speeches: Bush, George W.: Justice Will Be Done speech (2001)
  24. Video: September 11, 2001

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