History Hub is committed to serving teachers and librarians in their roles as social studies educators. Directed by an editorial team of teachers, scholars, and librarians, History Hub was developed to help ABC-CLIO Solutions database subscribers align and integrate their resources into the classroom and research projects. We are committed to making superior educational resources available to the entire social studies community, in addition to our subscribers.

A wealth of practical resources – lesson plans, activities, key questions, and much more – is at the core of History Hub. Above and beyond providing instructional support, History Hub also features inspiring stories about exceptional educators who are dedicated to making a positive difference in student learning. With 60 years of serving the social studies community, we recognize the need to support a deeper level of social studies understanding for students, while also enabling educators to become masters of social studies content. History Hub makes it easier to expertly navigate the challenges of today’s demanding teaching environment. We’re here to help you succeed.

Watch how History Hub places ABC-CLIO Solutions teacher subscribers at the forefront of social studies learning.

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