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The Reinvention of the American Amusement Park

As schools let out for the summer, millions of Americans will visit the more than 400 amusement parks spread throughout the country. But some are not the same parks you may have grown up with.

Amusement parks like Coney Island have a deep presence in American history, often inseparable from the technological innovations of the time and social expectations for recreation. Today, a series of theme parks offering augmented and virtual reality (VR) experiences are setting a new bar for immersive entertainment, shifting expectations of this classic space. One of these is Evermore, located in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Evermore opened its doors in late 2018 and is billed as an immersive experience for families. The 14-acre park is designed to look like a European hamlet, and it doesn't have rides; rather, guests become inhabitants of Evermore and...

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Dr. Lee Eysturlid revisits the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, assessing causes, consequences, and the dangerous brinksmanship that nearly drove the world to nuclear war.
By Lee Eysturlid
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