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The Second Amendment and the Gun Regulation Debate

Can stronger gun regulation curb mass shootings?

This question has given rise to an urgent debate that became increasingly divisive in the years after the Columbine High School shooting. This month, we observe the tragic 20-year anniversary of that event on April 20, 1999, in which two students walked onto the Columbine High School campus in Littleton, CO and fatally shot 12 students and one teacher. For many Americans, this violence was a call to action to implement greater safety measures around schools, and it also ignited the debate around gun regulation and the meaning of the Second Amendment.

Since Columbine, we have continued to witness the devastation of school violence, including the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012 and the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in 2018, the latter of which surpassed Columbine...

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