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Exploration, 1350-1550
Guide: Columbian Exchange

These resources explain the Columbian Exchange and the affects of the exchange. Use these resources to help students develop their own viewpoint of the Columbian Exchange and its affects. Use the Export to My Lists button above to turn this into a research list for your students.

Time Period Key Understandings

  • New advancements in technology can produce widespread social, cultural, and political change
  • Events can have multiple outcomes and include unintended consequences
  • Powerful nations' ability to control wealth and resources increases their ability to influence other nations
  • Cultural exchanges can occur intentionally and unintentionally
  • A civilization's success and growth is largely dependent on geographical location
  • Culture is the product of shared economic, religious, and political values
  • Regional characteristics can influence people's perspectives

Key Questions

  • How should educators and historians present Christopher Columbus to future generations of Americans?
  • What foods or plants brought to America by the Columbian exchange do you think play the biggest role today in the U.S. diet and economy?
  • Do you think Christopher Columbus should be blamed for the havoc Europeans wreaked on native populations? Why or why not?


  1. Overview: Columbian Exchange
  2. Outlines: Outline
  3. Lesson: Introduction
  4. Lesson: 1-Physical and Cultural Exchange
  5. Lesson: 2- Plants and Animal Exchange
  6. Lesson: Closing
  7. Photos & Illustrations: Columbus, Christopher: arrival in America
  8. Photos & Illustrations: Columbus, Christopher: first voyage
  9. Photos & Illustrations: Vespucci, Amerigo: exploration
  10. Photos & Illustrations: Columbus lands in the New World
  11. Facts & Figures: New World and Old World Crops
  12. Reference Articles: Columbian Exchange and Agriculture
  13. Reference Articles: Columbian Exchange and Disease
  14. Reference Articles: The Christopher Columbus Debate
  15. Biographies: Columbus, Christopher
  16. Letters & Narratives: Columbus, Christopher: Journal (1492)

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