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Introducing the American History Database

American History Database Preview Image

Studying the past is a great way to help students understand and contextualize the present. From the Civil War to Civil Rights, the Industrial Revolution to the Great Depression, the United States as we know it today has been shaped by a series of defining moments, movements, and turning points. Help your students develop a deeper understanding of our nation's character with ABC-CLIO's American History database!

The American History database offers:

  • Comprehensive coverage of American history, from the colonial era and the American Revolution to current events in the 21st century
  • Topic centers grouped by historical era including more than 360 Course Essential video modules
  • Investigate activities designed to provoke historical inquiry with background materials, key vocabulary, and primary and secondary sources organized around a central inquiry question
  • More than 16,000 primary and secondary sources, including documents from the founding of the American republic, biographies of famous political, military, and cultural figures, and audio and video recordings

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