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We've Got Issues

Issues Database Teaser Image

Gun control. Climate change. Stem cell research. Many of the most important topics are also among the most controversial—and students often lack the knowledge and tools to put these issues in context. To support teaching with current events and informed debate on some of today's most contentious subjects, look no further than ABC-CLIO's Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society database!

The Issues database offers:

  • A comprehensive range of issues coverage, from historically sensitive subjects like immigration and capital punishment to controversies in emerging fields like cybercrime, GMOs, and artificial intelligence
  • Context for every issue with background, current outlook, and global perspective essays written by subject matter experts
  • Investigate activities designed to provoke student inquiry with background materials, key vocabulary, and primary and secondary sources organized around a central inquiry question
  • More than 7,300 primary and secondary sources, including 4,900 photos and illustrations and 160 audio and video recordings

Taken together, these tools make the Issues database an ideal research companion for student inquiry into current events and a springboard for informed and nuanced class discussions. Click here to activate your free preview today!

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