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Upcoming Webinar
New Ways to Engage Students in Social Studies? Yes Please.

Presenter: Chris Bashforth
Date: 09/11
Time: 3:00 PM PST


Same great resources, new ways to learn! This quick webinar will get you up-to-speed on ABC-CLIO databases' new layout and navigation. Along with delivering a new visual, student-friendly interface, we have added impactful curriculum-aligned activities. Join us for a look into how your ABC-CLIO databases can support your success in the library and classroom. Major enhancements include:

  • New student activities offered at multiple learning levels that are guided with an inquiry question, along with a graphic organizer and supporting primary and secondary sources for students to grapple with ideas
  • Visual student-friendly navigation makes it easy to discover resources against curriculum scope and sequence
  • New student learning video series that breaks down the research process, addressing researching, writing, reading, and critical thinking skills

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