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Women's History Month: Meet the Peacemakers

image of Women's History Month 2019: Notable Women of Peace and Nonviolence

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In 2019, Women's History Month celebrates "Visionary Women: Champions of Peace and Nonviolence," honoring women who have led social justice and peacemaking efforts through the use of nonviolent action.

The mainstream media often focuses on stories of women being victims and targets of violence and gender inequality. These are important stories on the road to increasing international awareness of the issues women are facing today. But equally important, and perhaps not as widely covered, are the women who are on the frontlines of diplomatic and peacemaking efforts. These women are leading the visionary development of grassroots and global organizations that improve the lives of people and the environment. Through public education, civil disobedience, creative protest efforts, and legal and legislative actions, women across the globe have redefined what it means to use nonviolence to promote peace and justice.

Reacquaint yourself with some of these peacemakers here, by exploring our related resources!

Bring Women's History Month into the classroom and library with our curated resources on visionary women across history and across the globe. Through engaging biographies, essays, and images students can meet some of the historical and contemporary women who have pioneered nonviolence in the name of social justice and peace. From women's rights to environmental justice, from voting rights to anti-war efforts, from racial equality to education for all, meet the women (and their movements) who creatively addressed violence and injustice through nonviolent means. Check out the Instruction for activities and reading lists you can incorporate into your classroom and library to bring this national observation to life, and to keep women's history in focus throughout the year.

Fatima Policarpo
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