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Traditions and Beliefs around the World

Aboriginal teen

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Why do aborigine boys spend months wandering through the Australian outback? Why do Chinese people avoid the color red for one month each year? Why do brides wear veils? These are just a few of the perplexing questions that arise from the study of world cultures and customs. While we have come to take our own cultural traditions for granted, we are often confused, shocked, or even frightened by those of cultures diverse from our own.

In fact, traditions can teach us a lot about the history, values, and beliefs of different groups. From cow jumping to jazz funerals to Nordic napping, this collection explores a fascinating variety of cultural practices from around the world.

Use the Resources links to the left to explore different world customs. Each entry includes a geographic tag and explains how the custom is interpreted and practiced. Many of these customs have been shaped over time by migration and cultural exchange. The notion of "tradition" can therefore be deceptive. Often, the superstitions, rituals, and customs we hold to be exclusive are in fact a product of our shared history.


Customs Around the World (Book Cover)

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