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Story Guides
The Economy Booms

These resources highlight factors of the post-world war economic boom. Use these resources to support your students' evaluation of what led to the economic rise following the world wars. Use the Export to My Lists button above to turn this into a research list for your students.

  • How did the increase in mobility and the expansion of technology change the postwar economy?
  • In what ways did the government encourage the postwar economy? Evaluate the government's postwar economic policy; how appropriate do you think their actions were?
  • How did the economic boom of the 1950s lead to the development of a new youth culture? What are the features of the new youth culture?


  1. Overview: The Economy Booms
  2. Visuals: The Economy Booms (Visual)
  3. Outlines: Outline
  4. Transcripts: Transcript
  5. Lesson: Introduction
  6. Lesson: 1-From Bust to Boom
  7. Lesson: 2-Gadgets and Pop Culture
  8. Lesson: 3-1950s Music and Youth Culture
  9. Lesson: Closing
  10. Photos & Illustrations: Automobile
  11. Photos & Illustrations: Suburbia: consumer culture in 1953
  12. Photos & Illustrations: Television: 1950s family
  13. Reference Articles: Rock and Roll
  14. Reference Articles: Television and Counterculture
  15. Reference Articles: White Flight
  16. Political, Government & Court Documents: Federal-Aid Highway Act (1956)
  17. Letters & Narratives: Presley, Elvis: letter from fans to President Eisenhower

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