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Teaching Guide: The Cold War at Home

Give students insight into how the Cold War affected life on the homefront, from government policies to Hollywood blacklisting, with this collection of activities, articles, and primary sources.

  • How did the Cold War impact political policy? Evaluate the use of blacklists; what are the pros and cons of creating such lists?
  • What was McCarthyism? What was the House Un-American Activities Committee? Evaluate these practices and policies; were they mostly positive or negative?
  • What was the Cuban Missile crisis? Why was this conflict significant to the Cold War?


  1. Overview: The Cold War at Home
  2. Visuals: The Cold War at Home (Visual)
  3. Outlines: Outline
  4. Transcripts: Transcript
  5. Lesson: Introduction
  6. Lesson: 1- Impact on Policy and Culture
  7. Lesson: 2-Spy Trials and McCarthyism
  8. Lesson: 3-The Cold War Heats Up
  9. Lesson: Closing
  10. Photos & Illustrations: Hiss, Alger: with his attorney at HUAC meeting
  11. Photos & Illustrations: Hollywood 10 pose during HUAC trial
  12. Photos & Illustrations: House Un-American Activities Committee trial
  13. Photos & Illustrations: McCarthy hearings: Joseph McCarthy testifies
  14. Photos & Illustrations: Rosenberg trial
  15. Reference Articles: Hiss Trials
  16. Reference Articles: McCarthy Hearings
  17. Reference Articles: Rosenberg Trial
  18. Reference Articles: House Un-American Activities Committee
  19. Political Cartoons, Posters & Document Images: Political cartoon: McCarthyism and red scare
  20. Speeches: McCarthy, Joseph: Censure of the U.S. Senate speech (1954)
  21. Speeches: McCarthy, Joseph: Spread of Communism in the United States speech (1950)

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