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Spanish-American War

These resources on the Spanish-American War explain the events that led to the war and the outcome of the conflict. Use these resources to help students understand the impact of the Spanish-American War. Use the Export to My Lists button above to turn this into a research list for your students.

  • To what extent did yellow journalism influence the U.S. decision to go to war with Spain?
  • How did the outcome of the Spanish-American War make the United States a world power?
  • If you had been a part of the discussion in the late 1800s, would you have sided with the imperialists or the anti-imperialists?


  1. Overview: Spanish-American War
  2. Visuals: Spanish-American War (Visual)
  3. Outline: Outline
  4. Lesson: Introduction
  5. Key Question: Imperialism and Yellow Journalism
  6. Photos & Illustrations: Roosevelt, Theodore: Rough Riders
  7. Photos & Illustrations: Spanish-American War: Battle of Manila Bay
  8. Photos & Illustrations: Spanish-American War: San Juan hill
  9. Photos & Illustrations: Spanish-American War: wreck of the Maine
  10. Reference Articles: Maine, sinking of the
  11. Reference Articles: Philippine-American War
  12. Reference Articles: Spanish-American War
  13. Political Cartoons, Posters & Document Images: Political Cartoon: yellow journalism (1898)
  14. Political, Government & Court Documents: Platt Amendment (1901)
  15. Political, Government & Court Documents: Treaty of Paris (1898)
  16. Speeches: McKinley, William: war message (1898)

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